Last Night on Late Night: Kristen Stewart Has Another Awkward Night on Letterman


Although it wasn't quite the disaster that was her last Late Show appearance, Kristen Stewart still managed to seem completely inexpert when it comes to sitting down with David Letterman. In this clip alone, the Twilight: Eclipse star manages to make it sound as if jetting around the world to promote the film with co-star and "really active guy" Taylor Lautner was much more exciting without boyfriend Rob Pattinson tagging along. Up next, John Waters and Stephen Colbert agree that it's a bad idea for the lowbrow legend to hang around in front of grade schools, and over at The Late Late Show, Hung's Jane Adams reveals Craig Ferguson's lady-killing yoga abilities. Wrapping things up on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Elizabeth Reaser shows Kristen Stewart how the late-night thing is done as she dishes on the Twilight series' unspoken rule about enjoying the sunshine. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.