Last Night on Late Night: Miley Cyrus Might Sound Like ‘Crap,’ But She Doesn’t Lip-Synch


Music legend Paul Shaffer got a chance to ask pop star Miley Cyrus if she ever lip-synchs while performing. Cyrus told the Late Show maestro that she does not and that if he wanted proof, all he had to do was go YouTube her live shows and check out all the comments that say, "She sounds like crap!" Thanks for the tip, Miley. Up next, David Mamet explains to Stephen Colbert why he won't eat carbohydrates or watch Mamma Mia!, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson tells Jay Leno how Liam Neeson's acting abilities almost made him lose control of his bladder. Over at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers reveals that he prefers the company of women of a certain age, and wrapping things up on The Daily Show, actor Fred Thompson shares his feelings about the American voter's wisdom. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.