Lea Michele Auditions for Funny Girl Revival, Matthew Morrison Doesn’t Rap


Glee stars Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele — who both have backgrounds on Broadway — took the stage near the end of tonight's Tony awards after excessive amounts of hype. Fortunately, the duo did not perform that really uncomfortable Rachel Berry "Endless Love" serenade from the beginning of Glee's first season, but instead sang separate back-to-back numbers. Morrison performed "All I Need Is the Girl" from Gypsy and — aside from his running out of breath toward the end of the song — Broadway seemed to suit him better than the covers of "Ice Ice Baby" and "The Thong Song" he is stuck with on Glee. Michele reprised her "Don't Rain on My Parade" in a rendition that — despite a strange moment with Jay-Z and a borderline-alienating substitution of "Hey, Tony awards" for "Hey, Mr. Arnstein" — will make it awfully difficult for the producers of the upcoming Funny Girl revival to cast anyone but Michele as their lead.