Lesbians Suffering From Bieber Fever Coin a Name for Themselves


Forget the international riots and haircut mimicry, you really know you’ve made it when there’s a subcategory within the lesbian subcategory named after you. According to today’s Post, Bieber has gained a fanatic following of lesbians who “look and sound like the star” who call themselves, yes, "Biebians" (many Biebians have sent in photos of themselves to the fantastic "Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber" tumblr). The paper says Bieber nights at gay bars have become increasingly common, with Hollywood hot spot The Abbey scheduled to host one Monday night. If the Biebians want to keep up with the ways of the Bieber, they better come outfitted in hipster glasses and skinny jeans.

They're all crazy for Justin Bieber [Page Six/NYP]