Lost DVD Apparently to Answer More Questions Than Actual Show Did


If you were one of the many irked by the hundreds of questions Lost seemingly left unanswered in its final season, there’s some good news ... delivered by none other than funny guy Hurley Jorge Garcia. Garcia confirmed to E! that the extended bonus scene he shot with Michael Emerson (Ben Linus), which will appear on the season-six DVD, will provide some further clarification to at least one mystery that has (sort of) long bothered Lost fans: those weird, unexplained Dharma food drops in season two.

"[The DVD] will address some of the issues, like the food drops, and it will deal with what happened on the island after Hurley took over and how he handled things," Garcia said.

The DVD — out August 24 — will also (purportedly) answer a mystery that has been gestating since the first season: the mysterious superpowers of Walt. An “insider” told E! that Walt (played by Malcolm David Kelley) will appear in the bonus material, promising plainly: “We'll find out what happens to Walt.” Yeah, considering how that finale dealt with explaining things, somehow we don’t think it’s going to be that straightforward.

Lost: Jorge Garcia Dishes on Secret DVD Scene--and What He Really Thinks of Finale [Watch With Kristin/E!]