Mystery of How Marina Abramovic Peed, Solved


Last week we asked the all-important question about Marina Abramovic’s recently completed performance-art piece “The Artist Is Present,” which had Abramovic sitting in a chair at MoMA for 736 hours and 30 minutes: How does she pee? We hypothesized that Abramovic might be using a catheter, diaper, or bed pan— and reported that her assistant "insists that she just holds it in." Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Abramovic re-affirmed that she was all about muscle control: “They made a lot of interesting drawings of how I pee. I didn’t even have urge. I really think it is funny how [New York Magazine writer Jerry Saltz] doesn’t even consider this possible to have mind control. And I really have mind control.” [Speakeasy/WSJ]