Mastodon Grants Jonah Hex a Tiny Bit of Positive Publicity


It's getting rocked by critics and is on schedule to make very little money, but there is one arena in which Jonah Hex is doing splendidly. That'd be in unexpected metal-community credibility: Scene heroes Mastodon, who also scored the movie, have just announced a June 29 release for their Jonah Hex EP. Wha ... huh ... how? Apparently, "Mastodon were asked to create the score personally by the film's director, Jimmy Hayward who was inspired by repeated listenings of Mastodon's 2006 album Blood Mountain." To jog your memory, Mastodon front man Brent Hinds was one of the few to speak candidly about Hex's development issues when they surfaced a few months back, saying "What I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem to be finished to me. I’d heard a little rumor: 'This shit ain’t gonna be ready.'" Looks like Hinds has now made his peace with the movie, though. So, does this make anyone feel better about Hex? [LambGoat via Exclaim!]