Middle Men Trailer: Luke Wilson’s a Movie Star


Are you ready to take Luke Wilson seriously again? The handsomest Wilson brother dropped out of the scene circa 2007, then resurfaced, un-triumphantly, with those ubiquitous AT&T commercials last fall. Surprisingly, since he's become a commercial-break mainstay, Wilson's stock has quietly risen: Not only did he land a role on Mike White's promising-sounding HBO show Enlightened, but he also told this great Tracy Morgan story on Letterman. Next up? A return to leading-man status! It's not all that exciting, though: Yes, Middle Men is a fact-based drama on the origins of Internet porn with loads of arguably gratuitous bare midriff and explosions, but it's also been kicking around for awhile without a release date (until now) and may just be getting summarily dumped in August. Undoubtedly better than just doing cell-phone commercials, though!