New Björk and Dirty Projectors Collaboration to Be As Exciting As Grass Blowing Gently In the Wind


Well, at least according to this new teaser video, seen above, for Mount Wittenberg Orca, a twenty-minute, seven-track EP Björk and Dirty Projectors are releasing June 30 (online only, with all proceeds going to the National Geographic Society. Of course!). The origins of the project go back to a benefit event at the Housing Works Bookstore Café last May, when Björk and the DPs first performed these tunes — all of which were written by Dave Longstreth in the weeks before the gig — to rave reviews. So, yes, finally a professionally recorded official release for the indie-wet-dream collaboration, which feels like a big deal even if this trailer undersells its product (all they really had to do was superimpose some of Longsreth's quotes on Wittenberg: “[it's] about a day ... that Amber Coffman was in Northern California watching whales from a mountain called Mount Wittenberg. The six songs are imagining the moment Amber saw this whale, and the whale saw her" and “definitely like Bitte Orca’s younger, hotter sister.") By the way, the Housing Works event that led to the EP was put together by Stereogum's Brandon Stosuy. Impressive! Also, just to make sure this blog is pulling its weight around the Internet, Vulture is now announcing plans to put together a Helen Mirren–Young Jeezy–David Simon performance-art collaboration. Stay tuned. [Pitchfork]