Obsolete TV Listings Resurrected by L.A. Times


Complete, weekly TV listings guides — the kind on paper! — used to be a regular component of newspapers' weekend editions. But then cable boxes started to carry the exact same information, without the dead trees or printing costs, and papers like the New York and L.A. Times discontinued them, while magazines like TV Guide started floundering. Now, the L.A. Times, which stopped printing its "TV Times" back in April 2007, will start it up again, because ... well, just because! (Or, as an L.A. Times VP puts it, because: "Our [elderly] readers tell us they want a weekly TV book that covers around-the-clock programming.") Now Los Angeles–area residents can get exactly the same information they have on their televisions by purchasing the L.A. Times at a newsstand, or paying an extra $2.99 per month to have it delivered to their homes. Then they can read it and see it on their TV screens at exactly the same time. [Wrap via Awl]