Outrage: R. Kelly’s Infamous Former Home Stripped of All Charm


Last year, an enterprising blogger worked his way into a Chicago house once owned by R. Kelly and documented all manners of appropriately charming touches. (This was our favorite: "The basketball court had an electronic scoreboard that, when not used, would default to display 'TAZ: 98' — as in the Tazmanian devil, we’re pretty sure, who, as you can see, also had his own mural — 'KELLY: 100.'") And now, the bad news: The current owner, Ilene Greenblatt, who is putting the house up for sale on Monday, has completed renovations that have completely gutted the strange wonder the home once held. This is just bad news all around:

The basketball court where Kelly was accused of having three-way sex in front of a mural of himself and the Tasmanian Devil has made way for a garage. His Looney Toons-themed bar is for sale online for $1,000.

It gets worse:

Repaired but otherwise intact are Kelly's 1,600-gallon shark tank (now stocked with tamer fish), and the notorious wood-paneled basement, which now houses a sauna.

Tame fish! Ugh, lame.

R. Kelly's old home for sale [Chicago Sun-Times via Boombox]