Party Down Is Dead


Well, it finally happened: After months of speculation thanks to abysmal ratings and general cast exodus, the official word has come down for Party Down's third season. And that word is ... no. Says Stephan Shelanski, executive vice-president of programming for Starz Entertainment: "After careful consideration, we've decided not to continue on with subsequent seasons of Party Down and Gravity." (Oh yeah, that show Gravity is canceled, too.) "We're grateful to everyone involved in the shows, and are proud to have had them on the channel. Starz remains committed to aggressively expanding our original programming lineup." Well, can't say we didn't see this coming: not so much because of the teeny-tiny ratings (Starz is a pay channel, after all) as for the fact that, outside of some vocal superfans, Party Down never broke through to real buzz-show status. While the last episode actually serves as a pretty nice ending point, it's a sad day nonetheless.