Party Lines Slideshow: Christina Ricci, Kelly Bensimon, Emilie de Ravin, and More at the Whitney Art Party


Earlier this week, at the Whitney Art Party, we asked Christina Ricci if she had any secret artistic abilities. Turns out, she does! "Collage happens to be my medium," Ricci told us. "I’ve been collaging since I was a young child, and I still do it. I collect images, rip out images everywhere and anywhere I go, collect, like, fabrics and stuff, and I always have a craft bag that I’m going to make my next collage out of. That’s how I decorate spaces; like when I’m only in hotel rooms or someplace when I’m on location for, like, a couple months, there will be quite a few collages." She's dead serious. "I tend to, when I’m not working, to run all my errands in the morning so that I can put on, like, the CSI marathon and do my collaging work in front of the TV for, like, four hours on the coffee table." To see more celebrities revealing their secret talents, click through the Party Lines slideshow.