Party Lines Slideshow: Marina Abramovic, James Franco, Christina Ricci, and More at the Closing of ‘The Artist Is Present’


Last night, Givenchy threw a party at MoMA to celebrate the close of much-discussed "The Artist Is Present." Marina Abramovic, you just spent week after week sitting, staring, and holding your pee ... what are you gonna do next?! "After three months spent in complete seclusion, not having any social life, not seeing any friends, just being in the museum and then home — and then this, all at once. You know, I really live by extremes, and things could not be more extreme than this dinner right now. It’s like, I’m really running on energy that I have no idea where it came from. I think tomorrow after the Symposia at MoMA, I am going to go to the countryside to hug the trees and get into the rivers. That’s what I need. I need nature right now." For more celebrity quotes, check out our Party Lines slideshow.