Peaches Geldof Writing Bret Easton Ellis–Inspired Children’s Book


Big ups go out to the mind of Peaches Geldof, the 21-year-old British model, socialite, daughter of rich person, all-around multi-hyphenate, and alleged drug user, which thought up this particularly jarring pairing: Bret Easton Ellis and books you willingly read to 9-year-olds! Geldof tells the Telegraph: “I’m writing a book of short stories for children. The stories aren't like Roald Dahl, though, more like Bret Easton Ellis." So instead of trying to write awesomely creepy stories that contain terrifying witches, horrible parents, and bratty children, Geldof will attempt to write a creepy story that contains anomie, ennui, drug abuse, meticulously described suits, and super-violent crimes — surely perfect for the precocious young reader in all our lives. [Telegraph UK]