Perhaps Betty White Can Interest You in You Again?


The trailer for You Again, in which two pairs of women, one younger (Kristen Bell, Odettte Yustman) and one older (Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver), cat fight like caged leopards on crystal meth, was released the week before Betty White's appearance on Saturday Night Live. White, who appears in the film, was already enjoying enough goodwill to engender Facebook campaigns, so the trailer wisely gave her a few cameos, though they add up to only ten to fifteen seconds — just long enough for White to get the last joke in. A month later, and White — coming off of hosting the highest-rated episode of SNL in eighteen months — is no longer just beloved, she is possibly You Again's most bankable star. And if you had any doubts about this, the new poster, at right, would like to clear them up. Sorry, Yustman, Bell, Curtis, and Weaver: You are all in Betty White's movie now. Really, it sounds better already.