Ray Stevens on a Comeback Streak With New Anti-Immigration Song


Artists like Kanye, Conor Oberst, Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth, and Rage Against the Machine have all come out against Arizona's controversial immigration law. Too bad none of them have yet recorded a song on the subject catchy enough to compete with "Come to the USA," the hot new xenophobic jam from Ray Stevens, the novelty musician most famous for 1974's exhibitionist classic "The Streak." In "USA" — the video for which has already been watched nearly 2 million times on YouTube, basically making it the de facto tea-bagger nominee for Song of the Summer — Stevens tunefully compares America's lenient immigration laws with ones in other countries ("In the Sudan, they'll hang you and the camel you rode in on!"). This would have been funnier if it had been about streaking across the border.

Ray Stevens Comes Streaking Back With Immigration Song [ArtsBeat/NYT]