Rob Pattinson Fears a Riot at the L.A. Eclipse Premiere


Rob Pattinson may have told the New York Times last week that talking about Twilight all the time can get "boring," and that the "irrational hatred" lobbed his way as a result of his overexposure sort of bothers him, but he put his game face on for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere in L.A. on Thursday. While Twihards behind a barricade chanted at the top of their lungs, Pattinson charmed reporters by half-joking, "They're going to riot!" We also learned that his favorite rapper is Nas, though the actor refused to rap some Nas lines on command.

Also on that red carpet, Kristen Stewart awkwardly explained: "I grow every day on a movie set. I feel more equipped at the end of every movie, like I want to go back and shoot the last one over again because I'm older and smarter." Nikki Reed managed to compose herself even less than Stewart, though, effusively saying:

"To be a part of this is really special and it will never happen again in my life. I almost feel sometimes like I can float out of my own body and look at all these people screaming but it doesn't feel like it's for me or like I'm even a part of this sometimes."

Oh, relax. It feels that way because they're not screaming for "you," but for some imaginary vampire version of you. Now publicity people, please bring back Rob Pattinson; he "gets" it. More from the Eclipse premiere in The Hollywood Reporter's video, below: