Ryan Adams Releasing More Albums He Secretly Recorded Years Ago


Last month Ryan Adams announced Orion, "a fully-realized sci-fi metal concept album" recorded in 2006 — which was previously the only year between 2000 and 2008 that he did not put out any music — but being released just now. Turns out, Adams has even more unreleased stuff to unleash. From his Facebook page: "'Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, 'III/IV' Double LP, (unreleased and in the vault since 2006) fresh from the mastering plant!" and "oh yeah, p.s. the 'Blackhole' LP (recorded over Christmas in 2005) is also back from the mastering plant. I f'n love this thing. It took 4 years to make it and to me it is basically Love is Hell Part 3 ... lots of shimmery guitar love on this. Exciting times!!!" Also: "Day one of demo's went great!" Official: This man does not sleep. [Ryan Adams/Facebook via Spin]