Jason Stackhouse’s Abs: An Investigation


Last week, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays True Blood's fiery new vamp Jessica, admitted that Jim Parrack, who plays Hoyt Fortenberry, is her favorite man on the show, and now People has posed the same who's-the-hottest question to Carrie Preston, better known as True Blood's lovable waitress Arlene. "They are all gorgeous," she says diplomatically, but People pressed forward. "We all kind of marvel at Ryan's body," Preston admits, referring to Ryan Kwanten, who plays Anna Paquin's character's (generally) loyal, lovable brother Jason Stackhouse. "Because nobody is quite sure how he gets that body." How very interesting: In our recent interview with him, Kwanten left his abs a mystery, too: "Let’s stick to the acting ... I was hoping to change the subject enough to get away from that," he told us. Now we learn that even his co-stars don't know how he got those abs! Though there are some clues:

“Lately in Hollywood the bar is set so high for men,” says Preston. “At lunch I’ll hear the guys talking about how they’re staying away from carbs.”

A bit of Googling turns up a June 2009 Muscle & Body cover story in which the actor admits to late-night runs on the beach: "Even when I’m working, I’ll go home and run on the soft sand at two in the morning," he said. He also cops to being a yoga fiend and a regular hiker. So there's that.

In other True Blood news, perhaps one more man will be added to the mix, because Ben Linus is married to waitress Arlene!

Asked if her real life husband — Lost star Michael Emerson — will ever make a guest appearance on True Blood, Preston is hopeful. 'I know he’s a fan [of the show] and they are fans of his.'"

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True Blood Star Debates Hit Show's Hottest Guys [TV Watch/People]

Previously: True Blood's Ryan Kwanten on Playing Dumb-Yet-Lovable Jason Stackhouse