Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Will Make a Movie That Is Like The Proposal


Disney may not have wanted to make a sequel to the very profitable Sandra Bullock–Ryan Reynolds rom-com The Proposal because it couldn’t figure out a theme-park ride to squeeze out of it (but did they really, really try? There has to be a get-married-for-a–green card maze they could whip up), but Universal Pictures is down. Or at least down to assemble the entire creative team behind The Proposal for a new comedy and hope it earns them $315 million dollars. The studio has picked up a pitch for Most Wanted, which co-stars Bullock and Reynolds as a criminal and U.S. Marshal, respectively, forced to go on the run, has a script from The Proposal's screenwriter, and will hopefully be helmed by The Proposal's director. Universal is already prepping a very expensive "Ha-ha, Disney, you are so silly for letting these people go" gift basket. [Hollywood Insider/EW]