Sean Hayes Makes Out With Kristin Chenoweth in a Decidedly Non-‘Wooden’ Manner


Tonight's Tony awards began with something of bang — and it had nothing to do with Green Day's opening set. Host Sean Hayes was joined during his opening monologue by his Promises, Promises co-star, Kristin Chenoweth, and the two almost immediately engaged in a ten-second-long, slobbery makeout (punctuated by Hayes offering a tender pat on her ass). The kiss was a clear reference to the recent controversial Newsweek piece in which writer Ramin Setoodeh argued that "it’s weird seeing Hayes play straight [with love interest Chenoweth]," calling his performance "wooden and insincere." As Chenoweth strutted offstage post-lip-lock, Hayes gleefully quipped, "I know what you're thinking ... she's too short for me."