Sean Hayes Will Not Wear Gold Pants at Tonight’s Tony Awards


Promises, Promises star and Tony Award nominee Sean Hayes is getting prepped for his Tony Awards hosting gig right about now, but it's not one he had anticipated:

"Believe me, in no way, shape or form did I have aspirations of being the Tony host. But CBS head Les Moonves asked me to do it, and he’s a smart man. I have to put faith in what he’s doing ... I’m going to try to keep the evening moving as fast as possible. It’s a mistake to take it too seriously. I don’t believe in myself at all, so I try to model myself after anybody else."

Does that mean he'll wear the same gold lamé hot pants that Hugh Jackman donned? "That’s an easy question to answer — no." He's not too worried about the whole thing, anyway, telling the Times: "I’m just there to have a good time. If I’m great or if I bomb I don’t care."

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