Spurned by Citi Field, Lady Gaga Now Dancing at Yankees Games


Just last week the New York Mets had to apologize to Jerry Seinfeld for reseating attention-grabbing pop tart Lady Gaga in Seinfeld's posh box seats at Citi Field, and now the singer is hitting back where it hurts: showing up at Yankees stadium while the Bombers played the Mets last night. This time Gaga donned nothing but her black bra and panties covered by a Yankees jersey, and she danced kind of awkwardly/awesomely (see photo) in a suite above the third-base side. Maybe the Mets one-upped her by beating Gaga's team 4–0 right in front of her, proving that her ritualistic dancing couldn't secure a Yankees win, but who knows what comforting words Gaga had to offer A-Rod after the game, when they reportedly met briefly! Oh we'll see who's laughing last here, New York Mets.