Crazed Brides, Intense Cops, Weird Jobs, and More: Vulture’s Guide to the Thirteen Types of Summer TV


Welcome to the summer, when our favorite shows go dark and our once-clogged DVRs suddenly start picking up old Everybody Loves Raymond episodes just to stay busy. But over the past few years the networks have been stepping up to fill the void with more and more original programming, airing shows specially tailored to appeal to the fact that while we want to watch TV in the hot weather, we don't want to think very much. As a result, though this season will find more than 85 first-run shows, they're actually all variations on the same thirteen easy-to-follow TV archetypes. So read on for all your summer viewing options, divided into their common concepts (as well as a special bonus category for those rare unique and intelligent shows that we actually can't wait to see). Because when July rolls around, do you really care which one out of five reality shows about crazed brides you watch?