Sumner Redstone Apparently Trying Very Hard to Bring You a Sexy, Bad Reality-TV Show


The Daily Beast has a bonkers piece today alleging that Sumner Redstone, the 87-year-old Viacom chairman, is trying to force MTV to air a reality show about an untalented, unknown girl group called the Electric Barbarellas because, basically, he’s a randy old guy. After leading off with some background on Redstone’s “famously frisky” rep, the Beast says that “Redstone is taking his dirty old man act a bit too far” and “is so smitten with a scantily clad new all-girl group” that he forced MTV to shoot a pilot about the band, described as “a cross between the Pussycat Dolls and Spice Girls, except raunchier and not as musically gifted.” Redstone has, the Beast reports, personally spent $500,000 “squiring the group around to record labels and on the pilot so far,” and is now insisting that the series air, even though “the show and music are so bad that MTV Networks executives, including CEO Judy McGrath, object to it.” (Could they be as bad as O-Town, though?) McGrath, apparently, is in danger of losing her job if she doesn’t comply. All we know: If and when we are watching the Electric Barbarellas on TV, it sure is going to be hard to get rid of the mental image of Redstone cozying up to the lead singer.

Sex War at MTV [Daily Beast]