Takers Trailer: Hey, Remember Chris Brown’s Acting Career?


From icky videos to questionable photo-ops to denied travel visas, Chris Brown's comeback seems blocked at every turn. But could a hit movie change all that? Well, we won't know anytime soon: Brown's upcoming heist movie, Takers — following his stellar thespian work in This Christmas and Stomp the Yard — doesn't exactly have blockbuster written all over it. It's not so much the underwhelming acting pedigree — poor Idris Elba has to trade lines not only with Brown, but T.I. (billed as Tip "T.I." Harris, even though his real first name is Clifford, meaning he's now using two nicknames simultaneously?), Hayden Christensen (wearing a funny hat), and Paul Walker — as it is the generic "biggest job ever for a gang of untrustworthy career criminals and one dude trying to go straight" plotline. That this new trailer ends with the crew walking away nonchalantly from an explosion tells you pretty much all you need to know.