Tangled Trailer: Attack of the Killer Hair


In March, Disney changed the name of its new animated feature from Rapunzel to Tangled, so as not to alienate boys. The trailer goes further, possibly alienating girls by focusing mainly on “the kingdom’s greatest thief,” Flynn Rider, a mugging swashbuckler who's as smarmy as Gaston (and is voiced by Chuck’s Zachary Levi). Rider takes refuge in a seemingly isolated tower where he is beaten, dragged, spun around, and tied up by powerful strands of possessed, snakelike hair, which is pretty much as gross as that sounds. The hair belongs, duh, to Rapunzel, who barely speaks in the trailer, but maybe that’s because she “has been grounded like … FOREVER,” with only a tiny frog and a Pink song to keep her company. Disney’s still not nipping at Pixar’s heels with this one.