The Bachelorette: What’s Up With All the Evil Canadians?


First there was the eighties villain from up north, and last night's episode of The Bachelorette gave us yet another Canadian villain, in the form of Justin the Entertainment Wrestler. Justin's duplicity had been evident since day one, but a comically staged phone call from his girlfriend finally tipped Ali off to the fact that he wasn't there "for the right reasons." Instead of hoping to find a woman to publicly propose to, then messily break up with on the cover of Us Weekly, he was there to get his "foot into the door of the entertainment industry," according to his girlfriend, who was also trying to get a foot in the door of the entertainment industry through a dramatic call on The Bachelorette.

After Ali spoke with Justin's girlfriend, who was so upset about the situation that she fake cried, Ali went to confront the double-timer himself, who immediately started squirming. "You sat here and cried to me about your mother and respecting women, and you think this is the way to respect women?" Ali fumed. Justin then ran away (as fast as he could wearing a soft cast), finally returning to deny he'd come with a girlfriend, though he did admit that as the process went on, he'd lost interest. Each season there's at least one contestant who's already involved with someone back home, and each season the Bachelor/Bachelorette acts super surprised that someone would come on a reality-TV show just to, you know, be on TV. On a certain level, they're all there to be on TV (and maybe hook up with a hot girl in the process), right? Justin's mistake was that he got caught. At the end of the scene he slunk back to Canada, presumably to search for fame elsewhere, like perhaps with a cameo on Jersey Shore.