The Client List Trailer: Jennifer Love Hewitt Goes Prostitutin’


Apparently they make trailers for Lifetime movies, because here's one for next month's The Client List, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as an upstanding woman who really disappoints Cybill Shepherd when she becomes a secret call girl in order to support her struggling family. She then gets arrested and has to out her high-profile client list in order to maintain custody of her kids, even though she "doesn't want to hurt those guys," because that's how the law works. (It's "Inspired by a True Story," also.) But enough cheap shots at well-intentioned Lifetime movies: How about that Jennifer Love Hewitt?! Her inexplicably successful Friday-night show about whispering to ghosts (five seasons!) gets canceled and she bounces right back with a lead role in a movie that offers both genuine entertainment value (hopefully) and the opportunity to use the wonderful phrase "Jennifer Love Hewitt prostitute Lifetime movie" in casual conversation. Well done, Love Hewitt.