Judging by His New Single, The Situation Needs a New Catchphrase


Because, as Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino’s new dance-rap song "The Situation" makes abundantly clear, having one phrase be both your catchphrase and nickname is not only nonsensical, but annoying. That said: This thing isn’t as terrible as you might think! Terrible, yes, but not as terrible as you might think. First, it’s mercifully short, at just a few ticks under three-world-beatingly-grating minutes. Second, Sorrentino doesn’t really attempt to rap or sing; that’s left to unidentified Auto-Tuned collaborators who drop potentially (but most likely not) self-aware lines like “I’m gonna take a hottie home/she’s sniffing up my $85 cologne.” Instead, Sorrentino just pops up erratically to toss off more winning rejoinders: “I’m driving straight to the back with your girl riding shotgun,” etc. Two big lingering questions: Is there a full Situation album ominously lurking somewhere? And, most important, is experiencing a “situation” a good or a bad thing?