The Whistleblower Trailer: ‘Something Effed Up Is Going On’


The upcoming Rachel Weisz film The Whistleblower is based on a true story: In 1999, Kathryn Bolkovac arrived in Bosnia as a U.N. monitor hired by a private company who discovered that her colleagues and fellow U.N. workers were engaged in sex trafficking and prostitution rings. (It's not mentioned in the trailer, but the company is major private military provider DynCorp.) As Weisz says in the trailer, “Something fucked up is going on,” before her shady co-worker replies, “Honey, this is Bosnia: These people specialize in fucked up.” The trailer looks appropriately gritty and jittery, with David Strathairn, Monica Belluci, and Vanessa Redgrave providing Weisz with various kinds of institutional support and interference. Note that the trailer creates an atmosphere of oppressive, threatening creepiness and looming catastrophe without using any guns (just some mentions of "accidental" land-mine explosions).