Attention, Hollywood Actors: What Your Voice-over Commercials Say About Your Acting Careers


Hollywood stars have long stopped worrying about the unseemliness of collecting big paychecks in exchange for corporate shilling, but to keep some artistic credibility, they mostly keep that shilling to faceless voice-overs. (Hear that, Luke Wilson?) Commercial breaks are now chockablock with the distractingly recognizable sounds of John Krasinski, Marlon Wayans, and Danny McBride pushing everything from cell phones and cars to toilet paper and chain-restaurant appetizer specials. These celebrity voice-overs are great not only because they allow us to play the "Wait a minute, he sounds familiar ... " game during commercial breaks, but they're also revealing: Much can be gleaned about a star's professional status from the products he or she is invited to pimp. Take the following eight, for example.