Wavves Ditch Heavy Distortion and Public Meltdowns for a Maybe More Grown-up Act


The Times checked in with Pitchfork darlings Wavves, noting that after lead singer Nathan Williams's touring drummer abandoned him onstage during a public meltdown in Barcelona last year, "a comeback certainly seemed far away," but the band seems to have managed one, anyway. Wavves, who held a spot on our Song of the Summer list last year, are releasing their third album next month, and "gone is the ferocious sugar-rush distortion of the the last album, replaced with crisper arrangements," the Times reports. The newspaper notes that the band is "happy to move past [last year's] meltdown," which Williams says was caused in part by drugs, stress, and the Internet. "Any impulse [Williams] might have had toward acting out was muted, except in the music," the paper writes of the band's show last week. However, the Observer reports that at the after-party in Bushwick for said calmer concert, somebody threw a glass beer bottle at a police car, prompting the NYPD to halt the festivities until somebody had been 'cuffed. So, you know, maybe these guys are not totally past their wave-making antics just yet.

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