Weirdness of the Day: You May Want to Watch ’Til Death


The AV Club has an excellent article making a convincing case for a heretofore implausible argument: 'Til Death might be worth watching! Specifically the fourth season of the Fox sitcom, a very bitter Everybody Loves Raymond knockoff, might be worth watching, as that’s when the show-runners, accountable to neither viewers or network, started to do insane, batty things, and created a show that was “gloriously awful and compellingly watchable all at once.” Insane antics include a character — whose wife had been recast four times — realizing he was a character in a sitcom, leading to much breaking of the fourth wall; having the epiphany that he would never be able to have sex before the camera cut away; and a therapy session with Mayim Bialik and other Blossom cast members (hi, Six!) that was actually part of the reality series The Dr. Bialik Show. Insanity! Now go break that unspoken rule you made with yourself and watch an episode — or at least the aforementioned therapy session.

Nobody's watching: The strange genius of the fourth season of 'Til Death [AV Club via Awl]