Who Should Star in the Rush Limbaugh Biopic?


According to Deadline's Mike Fleming, some writer-producer is currently shopping a movie based on the life of Rush Limbaugh, which he describes as "Citizen Kane meets [Howard Stern biopic] Private Parts." James Sclafani, a registered Democrat, has optioned and adapted Paul Colford's unauthorized 1994 biography, The Rush Limbaugh Story: Talent on Loan from God, and says his film would explore Limbaugh's draft-dodging, painkiller addiction, and that time a girl refused to kiss him during a high-school game of spin the bottle — which presumably means his casting search needn't be limited to conservative actors like Chuck Norris or Kelsey Grammer (though either would be fine with us). So who should play Limbaugh? John Goodman? Ricky Gervais? Kevin James? Have a better idea? You know where to leave it.

Rush Limbaugh: The Movie? [Deadline]