Wonder Woman Finally Allowed to Wear Pants!


After 69 years of being forced to fight evil in short-shorts, Wonder Woman is getting a pair of pants. In issue 600, the super-heroine will receive a new, darker backstory (no more Paradise Island) and a makeover intended to “toughen her up, and give her a modern sensibility." The new look includes not only pants, but a punk-rock jacket, significantly reduced headband, and less obvious references to the American flag — DC Comics does, after all, hope to turn Wonder Woman into an international movie franchise someday. All due respect to Vulture pal Nikki Finke, who hates the look, we find the overall effect to be fairly badass, and nicely common sense: It really is much easier to focus on fighting crime when one isn't worrying about accidentally flashing lady parts. And, for those fanboys worried too much has been covered up, don't worry: These pants are way too tight for pockets.

Makeover for Wonder Woman at 69