25 Reasons Why This Indian Dance-Battle-Romance Spectacle Is More Mind-blowing Than Inception


Inception had a good run. For two whole weeks, people talked about how mind-blowing it was. But then something hit the web so absolutely brain-ripping that it made Inception look like an old man pulling a quarter out of your ear. Dream thievery, eh? Perhaps that's wild if you haven't seen the guitar-machine-gun-filled, bullet-stopping, blood-spurting dance numbers of the 2007 Indian box-office smash Sivaji! Watch it below (but only if you want your cerebral cortex to melt): Directed by S. Shankar and scored by Slumdog Millionaire's A. R. Rahman, the Tamil film stars the incomparably mustachioed Rajnikanth as a software specialist who returns home from a job in the United States to start a charity and ends up fighting corruption — but, my oh my, that's so just the beginning. Do you like to believe what you see? Then go no further! But if you like to do spit takes and pinch yourself, then watch on, and then read our 25 reasons for why it's so much more inexplicable than Christopher Nolan's relatively conventional Inception.