A Vulture Guide to Telling Apart the Wills of Rubicon and Glee


This Sunday before Mad Men, AMC will officially launch its third original series, Rubicon, which follows the adventures of Will Travers, a brilliant think-tank intelligence analyst whose bosses might be up to no good. Some viewers may have already noticed, though, that Travers bears more than a passing resemblance to another popular TV Will — Glee's Mr. Schue, who shares a similar bone structure, hairstyle, and penchant for breaking into song (just kidding about that last one, we think). How to tell them apart? Our handy guide, after the jump.

  Will Schuester (Glee) Will Travers (Rubicon)
Portrayed by Matthew Morrison James Badge Dale
Where you can see him Tuesdays on Fox (season two premieres on September 21). Sundays on AMC (the two-hour premiere is this Sunday at 8 p.m., but after that it'll be on at 9).
Job Spanish teacher and glee-club director at William McKinley High School. Intelligence analyst at think tank the American Policy Institute.
Hair Curly, slightly unmanageable, and with a widow's peak. Curly, slightly unmanageable, and with a widow's peak.
Chin Dimple Yes. No.
Attire Vests and ties. So many sweaters!
Talents Singing, dancing, and ability to rap poorly without feeling shame. Code cracking, crossword solving, and frowning.
Marital Status Divorced. Widowed.
Smitten, wide-eyed co-worker Emma Pillsbury, the school's guidance counselor. Maggie Young, his assistant.
Nemesis Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, who'll stop at nothing to sabotage the glee club. His mysterious bosses, who'll stop at nothing to manipulate world events and kill people by planting secret messages in crossword puzzles.