A Video Guide to Getting Drunk the Mad Men Way


With the Mad Men premiere looming ever closer (just two days to go!), it's time to get in the mood. You know, tell your secretary to hold all your calls, close the office door, walk over to your bar, and pour yourself a very stiff, work-sanctioned alcoholic beverage. Wait, you don't have a secretary? Or an office door? Or a workplace that permits alcohol? Never mind! Then get in the mood just by watching this montage of the characters on Mad Men having themselves a drink. And another. And another. And another. Rye. Vodka gimlet. Gin. Vermouth. Old Fashioneds. Wine. On the way down. On the way up. In company. Alone. At the office. At the bar. It's a reminder that of all the drinking games you could play while watching Mad Men, the one that would get you the most soused is the simplest: You drink when they drink.