The Most Omnipresent Actors in Television


If you've been watching TV lately, at some point you've likely thought, "Hey, I've seen that guy before. And before and before and before." Summer's new shows are riddled with actors like Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs), Eric Balfour (Haven), and Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13) who show up again and again in leading roles, recurring parts, and one-off guest spots. Their ubiquity can sometimes lead to, "Wait, isn't he … " moments of dissonance, like when Aaron Paul, who plays a drug dealer on Breaking Bad, simultaneously showed up as a sweet ex-Mormon on Big Love. And yet, this twinge doesn't preclude them from landing part after part; ultimately, acting chops trump confusion. “Actors don’t like to hear this,” says Marc Hirschfeld, a Starz and CMT casting executive who previously cast Seinfeld and That '70s Show, “but it's a finite talent pool, especially among certain types." Vulture considers ten of the most prolific every-actors out there.