America's Vampire Obsession Is Really Getting Out Of Hand


In a trend that makes that Lady Gaga contact lens mimicry seem downright boring, teens have apparently begun - get ready for it - biting each other and exchanging blood, emulating the vampire romances depicted in Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. Called “the modern day version of the hickey” by a CBS Medical correspondent, these “love bites” are described by high school sophomore Pao Hernandez, pretty creepily, as “a way to belong to somebody and check their territory.” According to Hernandez, couples at his school swap blood to “prove their passion” and they give each other bites to express affection. Understandably, the trend has parents, teachers and doctors “panicked,” according to the Daily News. Though this is definitely troublesome and bizarre, let’s take solace in both the fact that there's only one student cited in the story and that the teens aren't mimicking any of the way more insane sexual proclivities recently depicted on True Blood.

Teenagers inspired by Twilight sink fangs into each other in new 'biting' trend, parents fear risks [NYDN]