Angelina Jolie’s Secret Billy Bob Thornton Tattoo Is Written in Helvetica


And with that, you no longer have to read Andrew Morton's Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography — because, at least according to the Times review, that is the only tidbit you may have previously been unaware of. Famously sourceless biographer Andrew Morton had most recently gone in on Tom Cruise, spreading all manner of salacious innuendo about Cruise's relationship with Scientology in 2008's Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography. But the Times makes it seem like Angelina is a pretty standard recap of Jolie's well-publicized background, meaning the only really juicy bit of info Morton could unearth on Jolie was "the typeface in which the Billy Bob Thornton tattoo on Ms. Jolie’s nether parts is written." Yes — Helvetica. [NYT]