Bethenny Frankel’s Wedding Planner Sees His Strong Resemblance to Buster Bluth


In an interview with PopEater, Bethenny Getting Married star Shawn Rabideau addressed his noted resemblance to actor Tony Hale. "When I first heard that, I was a touch mortified and then I kind of chuckled," he said. "[But] I really do. I was going through photos online and I was like, 'Is that me or Tony Hale?' I don't know if he feels the same, so I cannot speak for him. He's probably like, 'Who the hell is this person?'" Probably! So after the cake wars and seltzer runs, are Frankel and her wedding planner friends? "Do we do each other's hair and nails every night? No. But I think we have respect for each other." Oh, if this were only Real Housewives that quote could be fleshed out into a no-holds-barred, season-long catfight. [PopEater]