Botwins Become Newmans In Trailer For Weeds' Sixth Season


In an apparent attempt to shake things up on the flagging Showtime comedy, set to begin its sixth season in August, it looks like Nancy Botwin and crew will be heading on the run after Shane's mallet-aided murder. The three-minute trailer mostly centers on the misadventures of Nancy and Andy (who seem to have moved past their brief flirtation and are again goofy besties), beefy Silas, still creepy Shane and cute baby Avi. Nancy does her best Sydney Bristow and goes undercover as a hotel maid named Natalie, while the rest of the clan tries to remain under the radar as the “Newman” family. But just when it seems like the show might have shed its roots entirely, we learn that while you can take the girl out of the pot-dealing business (and throw a wig on her), you apparently can’t take the dealer out of the girl, as Nancy can’t shake her love for the game. With both that reveal and the scenes of Doug (who for some reason is still around) doing his grating shtick, it’s almost enough to make you wish that instead of killing Pilar, Shane had put the show out of its misery instead.