Sexual Harassment Suit Not Stopping Casey Affleck From Getting Rom-Com Roles


Very cute actor and Joaquin Phoenix mockumentary-director Casey Affleck is in negotiations to star in The F-Word, which apparently stands for friendship here, or the blurry lines between friendship and, well, anyway. "Elan Mastai's script revolves around a young man who falls for a young woman but hides his attraction for her until she can admit to reciprocal feelings," The Hollywood Reporter explains, somewhat vaguely.

In other Casey Affleck news, he is being sued for sexual harassment by a producer fired from the Phoenix doc who claims she was never paid for her work, and that "Affleck referred to women as 'cows' and he 'discussed his sexual exploits and those of other celebrities.'" The woman, who has apparently known Affleck for years, also alleges he tried to sleep with her, but his lawyers say her claims are "outrageous and baseless."

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