Childrens Hospital's Rob Corddry Feels Like A "Rock Star" At Comic-Con


Comic-Con and Rob Corddry's web series, Childrens Hospital (now airing on Adult Swim), have something in common: “They're both crazy in completely different ways. They're both absurd,” Corddry told Vulture in an interview at the convention, where he went to promote his show. Among the crazy, absurd things you see at Comic-Con are people dressed in costume, from the Home Ec variety zombies to a girl in an elaborate Tardis getup from BBC America's Doctor Who. As impressive as the costumes are sometimes, Corddry's also a fan of the far less flashy casual geek chic. “I also just appreciate the general wardrobe that geeks tend to wear,” he said. “There's a lot of fedoras. There's a lot of comic book t-shirts tucked into sweatpants. Tons of scantily clad girls!” Sadly, Corddry was without his clown face makeup from Childrens Hospital when we spoke, much to his happiness and relief.

The self-proclaimed comic book fan was looking forward to checking out some booths on Friday. To make sure he really was a comics fan, Vulture asked Corddry to name some of his favorite writers. “I like anything by Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker and Mark Millar. Anything new they have, I'll eat up,” he replied. Even though Corddry is a comics fan — congrats on passing the test! — that doesn't mean he begrudges Hollywood's takeover of Comic-Con. “I appreciate the glitz and the flash of it,” he said fittingly from the second story of Warner Brothers' booth, the convention floor's largest and most extravagant. Down on the first floor, fans of Childrens Hospital were lining up for the cast autograph signing, but it wasn't all those people making Corddry feel like a rock star. “I'm on acid right now and that's what makes me feel like a rock star,” he jokingly clarified. And for all the Comic-Con attendees getting up close and personal with each other in the tightly packed convention hall, he has just one prescription for you: “Showers.”