Comic-Con: The Event Won’t Leave Viewers Completely Lost


NBC's seemingly Lost-like upcoming series The Event features interconnected story lines, frequent time jumps, and twists within the pilot, but "everything is designed to answer questions so you're not frustrated or feeling like we're making it up as we go along,” said Evan Katz, an executive producer. Two of the first episode's crucial mysteries — involving detainees and an airplane — "will be answered in the second episode," he said. “There are people in LA right now carefully crafting what we hope will be twenty-two hours that keeps people guessing in a fair way." Creator Nick Wauters added that the series has "an element of science fiction," but doesn't rest on that genre. So what is the titular event, anyway? Oh, well, that much they can't say yet! “We can't ruin our surprises,” Katz said. He did say that, thankfully, "the event" is not this very Comic-Con panel, and it's also not our second guess, Blair Underwood's noted salsa-dancing ability.