Comic-Con: The Walking Dead to Feature Battlestar Galactica Composer, Really Skinny Zombies


Want a part on AMC's hotly anticipated comic-adapted, zombie-apocalypse drama The Walking Dead? You should probably consider skipping dessert. At Comic-Con, the show's makeup artist Greg Nicotero says they sought really thin actors to play the zombies so they would look gross and emaciated. And judging by the graphic new trailer revealed today, they succeeded. In the footage we saw, policeman Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up from a coma in a dark hospital. Later he's riding a horse down an empty freeway past a pile of abandoned cars. Before long, Rick meets his first zombie — a woman, missing her bottom half, who hisses as she crawls toward him.

What else can you expect when the show drops in October? We learned today that Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary will handle the soundtrack. Also, Robert Kirkman, author of the Dead's source material, wrote the fourth episode, which is currently shooting in Atlanta. Additionally: "This thing's going to be full of dead children," Kirkman promised, to predictably loud approval.