Comic-Con: When You Can’t Get Twilight, Try Teen Wolf

The star of MTV's upcoming Teen Wolf series, a darker take on the Michael J. Fox movie, will be Tyler Posey. And while it is tempting to make a joke about the lengths people will go to cash in on the Twilight trend, please don't do it around him, as the T-word may still be a sore subject: Posey was the second choice for Jacob, and lost out to Taylor Lautner. (In fact, when the Twilight book was first optioned, Stephenie Meyer even blogged that Posey would be great for the role.) At the Comic-Con panel for Teen Wolf, the actor, despite losing out on a role that would have made him a very rich 18-year-old — "You're waiting for your $8 million paycheck?" joked creator/exec producer Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds) — said that he was "very, very happy to be here." Only in his trailer, as he prepares to put on a big furry mask, does the weeping presumably begin.